[Big John’s Place] 행복한끼 Wimple.

On June 19, we welcomed the people of 행복한끼 Wimple as they reserve our place for their gathering

Short introduction about Wimple, they believe in creating healthy home cooked food. And for this gathering, we have Chef 김선민 (Kim Seong Min) with us. And we are even more lucky when they so kindly invited us to join them for dinner.


Chef Kim whipped up a delicious meal of chili hot dog and roast chicken. He explained to us how he made them and the ideology behind the food.


Here is he making some of the super yummy chili dogs!


We were indeed lucky (i cant stop emphasizing) to be invited.


We had a great dinner and thank you so much for letting us join you !


If you are interested in renting Big John’s Place’s venue, please do not hesitate to contact us ! ^^

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