Shared Facilities

Shared Facilities

Made the choice to stay with us at Big John’s Place ? Here is a look at our amenities !

  • Hall Area.
  • Kitchen.
  • Bathrooms.
  • Patio and Balcony
  • Washing Machine, Computer and etc

Join us at Big John’s Place, up on the quiet hill, away from bustling Gangnam and into the peaceful side of Gangnam, Big John’s Place guesthouse proves to be more then a place where you put head to rest. If you ever see smoke coming out from our side, do not panic, it is probably us BBQ-ing.

Being seasoned travellers ourselves, we know exactly what you are looking for. We brush aside the boring guesthouse concept and brings to you somewhere as good as, if not better then home.  There is never a dull moment here1

In the Hall, feel free to watch anything on our flatscreen tv, the next best thing to the cinema. If you like, you can even play wii or the ps4 ! If you are in the mood for some music, strung the guitar or simply just cosy up and read a book/magazine.

The Kitchen is constantly stocked up with food. If you need a quick bite, help yourself to the fruits or cereal. If you are in the mood for a masterchef moment, feel free to grocery shop at one of the nearby market and help yourself to the stove and oven.

Breakfast. We dont really call it breakfast. We call it ALL DAY FOODTIME. The food in the kitchen are all provided for free. Bread (with Jams), Eggs, Cup noodles, cereal, yogurt, seasonal fruits, drinks (coffee, juices and tea, etc) are all basic. Please help yourself to it. 🙂

We have 3 bathrooms at your service. One on the first floor, one on the second and one outdoor (specially catered to the BBQ parties). They are stocked with shampoo, conditioners, body gel, toothpaste and etc.

The Patio and Balcony is where you can sit and relax and take in the aura of nature. These 2 areas are also our designated smoking area.
Washing machine, computers, common area on the second floor are some of the shared amenities you can help yourself to.

We put in effort in every little efforts to show that we care, if you ever need any help during your stay, please do not hesitate to ask.


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