[Big John’s Place] Thanks for the memories.

It’s 3 days left before 2016 ends. It was good for some and bad for the others. We most recently had Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher) pass away, before that George Micheal, David Bowie among many other very iconic people leaving life on Earth – we hope wherever they go, they’ll be happy.

Here at Big John’s Place, we’re very grateful for all the support and love you, as our guests and staff, have shown us. Here are some pictures that reflected the whole of 2016. We hope you’ll enjoy the pictures!

10400374_1952953381596722_2291071854278232044_nWe started the New Year with a dinner with our staff, friends and guests.

1933855_1993321464226580_6121290882425357448_nBBQ-ing at Big John’s with Rob.

12828991_1993320957559964_2401868614423612565_oJohn’s friends performing.

66885_1993321584226568_2244925972014499941_nBeautiful people.

12524334_1993323540893039_4814065694876124977_nJohn brought guests from everywhere to a Korean dinner.


1934056_1996841843874542_6998881174315023454_nJohn’s younger brother, Jay, opening his first Wenhao Oppa Churros shop in China.

12523935_2008699102688816_5515061928265942269_nPlanting a beautiful bed of flowers to welcome spring time!

12961537_2010897172469009_6438472186077549628_nJohn and Joey visiting a cherry blossom site.

15748300_10154993637160039_661495040_oMickey of Shenzen and Sorayah of Boston, our gorgeous regular guests.

13173867_2030136027211790_5177143585624521170_nPopular Australian-Indonesian comedian, Tyson Lynch doing a photoshoot here at Big John’s Place.

13239975_2041737306051662_8476734622335331932_nJohn’s birthday BBQ!

13260145_2035476906677702_5277651335269434562_nNamu, our frequent four-legged visitor who roams around the neighbourhood freely.

13323338_2045204622371597_3773437528447511702_oJohn loves dogs and dogs love John too – photographed here with Molee.

13501703_2054140454811347_5293677031395139482_nOur youngest guest of the year with her parents from France!

13450701_2055765104648882_7154380488411039359_n-1Our Japanese and Spanish guests who call themselves the Partypi (Party People) ready for Ultra Music Festival!

13567093_2062066270685432_7864016733159254258_nOur first batch of summer Kpop Training Camp trainees.

13775751_2077765089115550_5307128792735082375_nOur South African guest, Ernesto, was telling John about the paella he cooked for us.

13912491_2083107915247934_6489510924218176493_nWe welcomed our new neighbours, Cafe Joo Tack!

13680854_2068578890034170_4366543578485011359_nLittle John of the UK did a commercial in the kitchen.

13770502_2071463409745718_829918715402486598_n-1John brought our guests to a famous Korean Chicken Ginseng Soup restaurant near Nonhyeon Station.

13912747_2087751631450229_2377754229229918875_nSoaking in the cool jacuzzi in a hot summer night.

13892229_2081654078726651_4486995762487313120_n-1Our second batch of summer Kpop training camp – photographed here with JT, CEO of SKpop Edutainment.

13925200_2085764734982252_8169810595928224793_nTaekwondo champions from Indonesia!

14330165_2110609002497825_517827454379555354_nOur sweet guests from Singapore and the US.

14317503_2112154199009972_2173439213099373446_nJohn’s mom making sweet dumplings for the Korean Thanksgiving.

14463037_2122877904604268_4193098308842633841_nMalaysian style curry and bihun noodles.

14522719_2126495407575851_3902363630470483145_nJohn shot his first commercial. We don’t know when the release date is, but we will post it on Facebook once we get ahold of the video.

14717305_2135329936692398_6401489285205478967_nJohn bought too many apples and they were going to go to waste unless Christopher of the US made some delicious apple pies with it.

14708119_2145469765678415_5934259055286481457_nWith China’s top travel blogger and Korea Tourism Ambassador, Arasu Susu and two Korean TV actors.

14962710_2152015121690546_6907601707275544585_nFilipino artist, Tara Soriano, painting on our window panes.

15000160_2154380331454025_3098051595813707175_oThe Leng Sisters of Malaysia!


15355822_2175645589327499_9122066494388282994_nOur second youngest guest with her parents from California!

15356713_2176910665867658_9199537781149875263_nJohn and his best friends turned couple, Conan and Lea.

%ec%ba%a1%ec%b2%98Hong Kong’s beauty and travel blogger and Korean Tourism Ambassador, Miss Sue Chang!

15621742_2187438714814853_834320753954863935_n-1Christmas visitors from Spain, Indonesia and Japan.

14199644_2101895753369150_4930031416317959788_nThe staff that makes sure the house doesn’t go up in flames – Rowena, Kara and Shuya.

1482573651000Thank you for making us Tripadvisor’s Traveler’s Choice Destination for year 2016.

1482574535000Love from John and everyone at Big Jon’s Place. P/s: yes, it’s heavily photoshopped. John doesn’t look like this is real life and his hands are not floating hands

 2016 has been a wonderful ride with all of you, lets hope for a better 2017!

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