[Big John’s Place] Worry about language problems? Worry no more!


Do you worry going to South Korea and not knowing the language? Worry that you wont be able to know how to get anywhere because the people here do not primarily speak English and if they do, they’re either too scared and shy or has accents too thick you are not able to understand them? Or worried that you’re not able to communicate with the people at the place that you are staying to ask for assistance or directions to go anywhere?

Do not fear, because Big John is here!

At Big John’s Place, all of our staff speak multiple languages and are very kind and helpful. Here, we would like to introduce you to all of our staff, some of which whom will be here for you when you check in!

John aka Big John


11742645_1195586310456688_7518234767220545858_nJohn, the big boss and also name contributor to the Big John’s Place Bed and Breakfast name. He loves to cook and eat and the food he cooks are..let’s just say he can be a chef in a restaurant and people will be coming to eat his food in droves. He’s also extremely kind and generous and is friendly wit everyone. John speaks Korean, English and Japanese – all very fluently.


13340193_654652018009422_380425398291991072_oOur longest serving staff here with Big John’s – Kara hails from Hong Kong. She’s friendly and loves to smile. Kara speaks fluent Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean and English.


10390137_567664026676085_6737832080400489824_nSayaka is our youngest staff here and is from the land of the rising sun, Japan. She loves to take pictures of food and her cute pet dog. She speaks fluent Japanese and can understand Korean.


14650132_320778911635099_6664743018385226503_nShuya hails from China and she speaks fluent Mandarin and English. She’s sweet and soft spoken, loves to make friends with new people and travel around to see new things.


17720_799908083458408_919152175232668974_nInho is the one with glasses in his picture. He’s our latest inclusion to the Big John’s family who also happens to live at Big John’s. He speaks fluent Korean and  intermediate English. Right now, he is learning Japanese so he can travel with ease when he visits Japan in the future.


20161004_134959Rowena comes from Malaysia and she speaks fluent English, Malay, Cantonese and Mandarin. She also understands Korean, Hokkien and Hakka; so beware if you don’t want her to know what you are talking about to your friend or family member! She’s here almost everyday and will be most probably be the one checking you in if you arrive during a weekday.

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