[Big John’s Place Review] Kyochon Chicken 교촌치킨

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Other then the outstanding amount of Kimchi and Cafes that Korea is known for, the next one on the list have got to be Chicken (restaurant, take out, etc you name it).
Kyochon Chicken have got to be one of the most recognised chicken chains in Korea. Shinhwa, Super Junior and right now, Lee Minho are the face of Kyochon Chicken.

Just in the Gangnam area alone, there are at least 10 Kyochon Chicken Outlet.

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What to eat ? Can’t make up your mind ? Why not get the half half chicken ?
Half Original and half with sauce or whatever ! It is all good !
When you visit Kyochon Chicken, you definitely have to give the Honey Combo/Original Chicken a try. It is especially yummy ! And addictive !

And if you are stuck in the house because of rain or just pure laziness and needs at good supper ? Kyochon is just a call away ! (We, at Big John’s Place will and can help you call them, and even help you eat them if you ever have problem,which we doubt, finishing it.)

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Lee Minho not included.

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Comes with pickles and a small can of coke.

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Honey Original

Aside from the “to die for Honey combo (which ex EXO member, Lu Han famously asked for on tv), you can also enjoy try their soy sauce chicken which is equally good. And if you manage to collect enough magnet (which you get with each delivery), you can even exchange for a something ! (3 can get you potato wedges ! nom nom nom ! )

Nearest Kyochon Chicken Restaurant Address : 서울특별시 서초구 서초동 1309-8
1309-8 Seocho-dong (8 Gangnam-daero 69-gil)

From Big John’s Place Guesthouse :

Walking – 6mins. 

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