[Big John’s Place Review] FRZ Ice Cream

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A hidden gem tucked in between buildings in the busy business district is FRZ Ice Cream. It is not hard to realise that the shop is modelled after typical American Shoppe and while one is there, it is easy to be misled into thinking that you are in the State.

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With so many choices, it is hard deciding what to get !

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One of the most popular ice cream here is definitely the Frozen S’more Sundae. Inspired by the popular S’more snack, the Frozen S’more here have ice cream, cookies inside with marshmallow enveloped around it and then toasted. You would not be able to find another Frozen S’more place in Korea like this !


The crispy melty warm marshmallow gives way to the cold vanilla ice cream, not a taste easily describe, YOU HAVE TO TRY IT ON YOUR OWN !


FRZ Ice Cream is just located a stone throw away from COEX mall, definitely a good place to chill out after the excessive shopping.


Address : 강남구 삼성동 146-23
Seoul Gangnam-gu Samsun-dong 146-23

From Big John’s Place Guesthouse : Via Bus (36~ 38mins) Bus no. 3412/340

Via Train (29mins) From Gangnam Station to Samseong Station.

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