[Big John’s Place Review] Steampunk

Steampunk – what comes to your mind when you hear this name? A clothing line? Antique car dealership? Or maybe a shop that sells unique and eccentric looking trinkets?

Well, maybe at some cities you may be correct, but in Gangnam, it’s the name of a Mexican restaurant!

20161208_143415Entrance of Steampunk from one side.

The view going in:





Entrance from the other side.



What attracted us to this restaurant is their good deal on their lunch menu:

20161208_143425Worth it!

20161208_143438A summary of their menu here. They also serve alcohol!

20161208_144307More details on the menu (part 1/3).

20161208_144335More details on the menu (part 2/3).

20161208_144404More details on the menu (part 3/3).

20161208_144150We ordered the Dos set. I believe that John alone can actually finish this whole set by himself. There were two soft shell tacos, one burrito cut in half, 2 cheese quesadillas and crunchy nachos. All the ingredients used were fresh and tasty.

20161208_144209Hot gooey cheese quesadilla!

20161208_144258A Mexican burrito is like a Korean kimpap. Both yummy, nonetheless.

20161208_150407So we ordered a torta which is a Mexican burger for KRW9,000.

20161208_150520Rather than having beef/pork patty, the torta uses pulled beef/pork and it makes it all the more savoury and juicy. The onions was a crunchy fresh as it gets and the plump tomato, sweet. The sesame seed bun was light and fluffy, soaking up all the flavours.

20161208_144408Their selection of sauces. Their green salsa is homemade with hints of green apple, chili and lemon.

20161208_152211We got a rainbow slushie as a mini dessert.

In a taco shell (please pardon the pun), we find the food here well made and tasty using fresh ingredients. The lunch menu was quite worth it for the price we are paying, however we wished that the portions were bigger.

Big John’s Rating:-

Taste of food: 4/5

Restaurant Ambiance: 4.5/5

Service: 4/5

Affordability: 3.5/5

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