[Big John’s Place Review] Horangi / 호랑이

20161205_204932Entrance of Horangi.

Every time we walk by Horangi, there would be queues especially during lunch and dinner time. We were quite lucky to see it having no queues and went right in.

20161205_205056The view when you enter the restaurant.

20161205_205110Decor on the left side of the restaurant.

20161205_212224Decor on the right side of the restaurant.

This is not the typical restaurant where you sit and the waiters hand you menus and you order from them. They have machines where you order and pay for your food so the servers there can focus on the quality of the food.

20161205_205014John deciding on what to order.

20161205_205123Just press on the food that you want to order and either insert cash into the slot beneath the Horangi logo or your credit/debit card at the slot on the right side of the machine.

20161205_205141The menu  from left to right:

Ho soup noodles- KRW8,500 | Ho soup noodles with rice- KRW9,800 | Noodles- KRW1,500 | Seasoned meat- KRW2,000 | One semi hard boiled egg- KRW1,000

Majei dry noodles- KRW 8,300 | Majei dry noodles with rice- KRW9,600 | Rice- KRW1,300 | Tofu skin sushi- KRW2,000 | Kloud beer- KRW5,000

Seasoned meat with rice- KRW7,500 | Seasoned meat with sauce- KRW5,900 | Coca cola- KRW1,500 | Cider- KRW 1,500 | McCol- KRW1,500

20161205_205224We ordered our food and sat by the open kitchen and watched while the chefs made our food.

20161205_205608We ordered their signature Ho soup noodles, and;

20161205_205733Majei dry noodles.

20161205_205902The waiter was actually standing in front of me waiting for me to try the Ho soup noodles to make sure the taste is good. If it wasn’t he would add more salt or seasoning into it. I was happy with the taste. It tasted really good – mildly spicy with a hint of peanut, spring onions and garlic. Very savoury.

20161205_210652The noodles were cooked to perfection. Not too soft nor too al dente. Springy and had the right texture to it. They actually had their own distinct taste that complimented the soup very well!

20161205_210030Look at that beautifully cooked egg. Hard egg white and soft yolk. So yummy. Their sliced pork was also to die for. Soft and tender with their fat melting onto your tongue, it completed the experience of having this dish.

20161205_205752For the Majei noodles, you have to mix everything thoroughly so that the egg yolk, pork bits and the sauce coat all the noodles.

20161205_205810John eager to have his first mouth. Once we tasted it, we felt like it was one of the best noodles that we have ever tasted. The taste of the whole noodle plus pork bits and sauce was creamy and savoury, sweet and soft. The ddition of the sesame leaves brought out the flavour and tingled our olfactory senses and made the noodles taste better.

20161205_211511There were some more sauce and pork bits that it would be enough for a portion of extra noodles. Guys who can eat more should definitely order another side of noodles to mix with.

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