[Big John’s Place Review] Da Gyeong Yang Kko Chi / 다경양꼬치

So there’s this place very near our guesthouse that serves very affordable lunch set menus and barbecued mutton in sticks.

We came after lunch time so it was quite empty but usually this place is full with office workers during lunch time.

This is the summary of the lunch and dinner menus. For lunch, it is KRW7,000 per person for weekdays only. Depending on the day, the lunch menu will be different.

Mondays will be seasoned pork with soy bean paste soup and vegetable pancake.

Tuesdays will be spicy squid with cheese omelette, kimchi soup and glass noodles.

Wednesdays will be grilled beef with cheese omelette and beef soup.

Thursdays will be royal style toppoki, spicy pork and cheese omelette.

Fridays will be seasoned pork with soy bean paste soup and kimchi pancake.

Apologies for the blurry picture, but this was the one that had everything. We came on a Thursday, so the meals was royal style toppoki, spicy pork, omelette and other side dishes.

This is a clearer picture but without the omelette.

There’s a TV for you to watch if your alone and/or bored while the ladies prepare for the dinner menu.

And now for dinner, where this place is named after, Yang Kko Chi, they serve mutton on a stick.

Their dinner menu.

Pictured dinner menu.

High quality charcoal used to grill the meat.

Stainless steel tools used to grill the mutton.

Nice and juicy.

The mutton will taste better when you dip it into the spices – fragrant and tasty!

Big John’s Rating:-

Taste of food: 4/5

Restaurant Ambiance: 3/5

Service: 4/5

Affordability: 4.5/5

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