[Big John’s Place Review] Breast Augmentation at Hershe Plastic Surgery & Dermatology


Review by “R” in her breast augmentation surgery:

According to my experience with Hershe, I find that Hershe’s correspondents are very helpful and supportive. I was communicating with two English speaking representatives called Vanessa (who has now resigned from the company to pursue a different path) and Claire and a Mandarin speaking representative, Zhao Lei . Claire was with me during the consultation period with a Korean speaking consultant where she was very thorough in explaining about the various types of implants and answering all my concerns about the implants. She was also translating from Korean to English when the consultant explained more details to me. She brought me to see Dr. Kim for the consultation who advised me what type of implants would best suit my body shape (mine was the tear drop type made of cohesive gel), what size to go with and how the implants will be inserted (mine was through the armpit under the muscle). After the consultation with Dr. Kim, the consultant quoted a very reasonable price for me and since I am affiliated with Big John’s Place, they gave me further discounts.

I decided to go for the surgery two weeks later in late October as they start getting busier during the winter as the cold weather is good for healing for any kinds of surgery. Vanessa was with me through out the whole process She answered all my inquiries and concerns very promptly and explained to me everything that will be happening. A few days before the scheduled surgery, Vanessa accompanied me to have a mammogram, a body check up and the blood and urine test. Surgery will only proceed if the results of all the tests are favourable and I got the green light to proceed with mine.

A day before the surgery I had to fast for at least 12 hours and Hershe’s driver came to pick me up from my home to the clinic at the designated time. At the clinic, I changed into their robes and waited for the surgery time. Vanessa was with me the whole time to calm my nerves and we chatted about everything. She was a great person to chat with! Then it was time for me to get into the operation theatre – I remember lying on the warmed up table and had needles inserted into my veins on my left arm. After a few seconds, I drifted into unconsciousness.

When I woke up, Vanessa was in the room with me. It felt extremely uncomfortable as my chest area was bound up really tightly to make sure that the implants would not move and that I still had traces of the general anesthesia. Vanesaa and the rest of the Hershe team was very attentive to me as they came to check up on me every half an hour. Vanessa bought me pumpkin porridge to fill my stomach after I was well enough to go to the toilet (it was advised to pass urine or feces before having any food). I even took a longer time to recover from the dizziness and by the time, everyone had already left except for Vanessa and I. Vanessa brought me home with a black taxi and helped me up to my room and stayed until I was able to lie down and sleep. I felt very taken care of and that I had a friend who would help me when I needed her. I was given medication for a week in which I had to take 3 times a day. I was also given a prescription to buy this medication that stopped scar tissue from forming around the implants to take every night before bed for 28 days. This medication was to be taken after I have finished with the medication Hershe gave me.

A few days later, the Hershe driver came to get me to the clinic to get my bandages off and to wear a harness that helped to keep the implants in place. It was quite uncomfortable at first, but after a few days, I got used to it. I went back to Hershe for check ups every week for a month. The first week was to remove my stitches, the second, third and fourth weeks were just routine check ups. Ms. Zhao Lei would attend to me in some of my check ups when Vanessa had other appointments. Fortunately for me, I understood Mandarin. Zhao Lei was also another lovely person who is so sweet and nice and very efficient at translating everything Dr. Kim said. Right after the surgery til 2 weeks after, I wasn’t able to lift my arms up as usual and wasn’t able to lift anything heavier than my handbag. I couldn’t run or walk fast because it would agitate and hurt the breasts – now I understand why people say that breast augmentations is one of the most painful plastic surgery procedures.

After a month, Dr, Kim finally said that I do not have to wear the harness anymore and switch to wearing sports bras. Wired bras weren’t advised because they would cause the breasts to be positioned unnaturally as the breasts are still quite tender at this point. However, I feel much better now and my breasts look great. I am able to do just about everything I used to do except for running and push ups. I apologise because I will not post my before and after photos here due to privacy preservation.

I felt the service at Hershe was impeccable and Dr. Kim was very quick to address my concerns whenever I had one. Vanessa, Zhao Lei and Claire were very sweet and nice and I felt very comfortable with them. I was confident of doing my surgery here at Hershe because they have never had any life threatening incidents and that is very important to me.

Here are some pictures that I took:-

The staff who attended to me:

20161201_152954Dr. Kim – Hershe’s very skilled and attentive plastic surgeon who conducted my breast augmentation.

20161201_153001Ms. Zhao Lei and Dr. Kim. Ms. Zhao Lei is our kind and friendly Mandarin speaking correspondent who deals with any Mandarin speaking guest/patient. We also have our English speaking correspondent, Claire (who is not in the picture).

The interior of Hershe:

Level 7 where patients go for consultation with the consultant and Doctors.

20161201_151041Entrance from the lift.

20161201_151111The reception counter.

20161201_151124The waiting area. Big comfortable chairs to wait.

20161201_151430You can help yourself to refreshments and to read their latest brochures.

20161201_151220Awards gotten by Hershe’s doctors.

20161201_151446The consultation room.

20161201_151509Pictures of Dr. Jung with celebrities who has come to Hershe for treatments.

20161201_151236Smaller consultation rooms for single patients.

20161201_152141The dressing room with pass code lockers.

20161201_152115Table in the dressing room with instructions on how to use the pass code locker and a hamper to put your worn robes.

20161201_152407Photo shoot room where they take before and after photos of your face and/or body.

20161201_153630Toilet with bidet.

20161201_153636The sink area in the lavatory.

Level 6 where all the surgeries and treatments happen.

20161201_154051Entrance from the lift.

20161201_153738Reception desk.

20161201_153815A very fancy waiting area with classy furniture and decoration.

20161201_153746The other side from the entrance going to the operation theatres.

20161201_153828The way into the operation theatres.

Collaboration of Big John’s Place and Hershe Plastic Surgery & Dermatology

Big John’s Place and Hershe Plastic Surgery & Dermatology is collaborating to provide our foreign visitors an affordable and comfortable plastic surgery/medical tour in Seoul, South Korea. We have had positive reviews by one of our guest and one of our staff who went there to have cosmetic surgery done on their eyes and chest area respectively thus compelled us to write about Hershe’s excellent service and quality of workmanship by their efficient Doctors.

Guests who get their surgeries or treatments done at Hershe and stay at Big John’s Place will get additional discounts and better services.

Hershe specialises in 7 categories of plastic surgery:

A. Hershe Big Eye Surgery – to provide an optimal result for eyes that are small that uses medial and lateral epicanthoplasty, ptosis correction to form a natural double eyelid shape with minimised swelling.big-eye-surgery1

B. Hershe Two Line Rhinoplasty – to find the balance between the bridge and the tip of the nose while amending the angle between the lips and the tip of the nose to provide a nice view of the side profile.


C. Hershe Breast Surgery – to enhance the female chest area using the latest technology in breast implants called MOTIVA Ergonomics™.



D. Hershe V-Line Contouring – using the Venus V-line laser, it dissolves fat from the cheek, jaw line and double chin to lift and give a V-shape to te lower part of the face to define the facial contour without having bone reduction surgery.


E. Hershe Bio Fat Graft – using an advanced fat grafting technique to purify the fat to obtain fat cells that are high in quality to be injected back into the face. Hershe also has a technique that enables growth to cultivate and activate the damaged tissues and cells to refresh the skin texture.


F. Hershe Total Anti-Aging – Hershe offers a extensive anti aging solution using the most up-to-date surgical techniques with the most advanced medical technology to present an exclusive anti-aging solution by minimizing scars and shortening recovery time.


G. Hershe Dermatology – to treat different skin types using laser therapy and injection therapy to provide an extensive skin-care system after consultations with our dermatologist.

  • Skin elasticity
  • Moisture care
  • Fine wrinkle removal
  • Skin tone improvement
  • Acne scar/scar removal
  • Pore reduction
  • Skin texture improvement
  • Pigmentation/spot removal


How to go to Hershe via subway:

20161201_145952Using the subway Line 7, get off at Cheongdam station and head to Exit 9.

20161201_150818Walk straight until you reach the major crossroad. You will see Burberry on your left and Citibank straight ahead. Do not cross the roads. Hershe will be on your left at this point.

20161201_150856See the purple bunting? Head to it.

20161201_150916At the lobby. You have to get into the lift to get to Hershe.

20161201_151021Press the button for Level 7 to go for your consultation.

Contact Rowena at +8210-4936 2077 or email bigjohnsplace.seoul@gmail.com to get assistance to go for your consultation and get discounts for accommodation when you come to Gangnam, Seoul. 

Disclaimer: Big John’s Place does not take any responsibilities for any failed surgery or such.

Pictures courtesy of Hershe Plastic Surgery & Dermatology.

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