[Big John’s Place Review] Arirang Traditional Korean Medicine Clinic / 아리랑한의원

Korea is not only well known for their modern technology in medicine, plastic surgery, electronics and vehicles, but also well known for their traditional Korean clinics called 한의원 (Haniwon). The Haniwons are quite similar to the traditional Chinese clinics and use the same methods such as using roots and herbs for medicinal consumption, acupuncture and chiropractic healing.

For a lot of foreigners, we may not experience such alternative healing method because we do not speak the language thus deprived of the opportunity to try it out.

Fortunately, Arirang Traditional Korean Medicine Clinic at Jegidong station has offered us the chance to experience traditional Korean medicine. They offer starter sessions every Saturday at 3pm to 5pm.


We decided to try out the experience and had a great time there.

20161203_151233The traditional Korean physician trying to pinpoint where on our body that hurts before administering acupuncture needles to sooth pain.

20161203_151530Needles inserted to acupuncture points on the feet to sooth pain on the body.

20161203_151731Needles inserted to acupuncture points on the hands too!

It may look painful but it doesn’t hurt that much. For people who are trying this for the first time, you may feel a surge of warmth throughout your whole body and you may feel light headed for a bit – but there is nothing to be worried about – that shows blood is circulating and that is a good thing!

Other than that we also tried some chiropractic to loosen our joints.

20161203_161458Before the chiropractor starts, he will insert some big needles on your neck which you will hear some popping sound. We were quite startled hearing this. Not much pain but the element of surprise shocked us a little bit.

20161203_161545Here, he loosens up your joints and cracks them. You will feel startled again with the sound and then feel light and relaxed after.

Arirang also introduced us to some herbs that are used to make tea and medicine and informed us about their medicinal values. They also prepared some bags for us to bring those herbs home.

20161203_155549The physician explaining to us about the herbs.

20161203_160010Us collecting herbs into our bags!

20161203_163322Group photo!

mapTo get to Arirang Traditionl Korean Clinic, get on Line 1 (Dark blue line) to Jegidong station and exit at Exit 2. Cross two roads and you will see the name “Arirang” in one of the buildings. The clinic is on the third floor.

Enjoy your traditional Korean medicine there!

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