[Big John’s Place Review] Arcades!

When you come to Korea, other than beauty and skin care shops, restaurants and cafes, the other type of outlet that you will find ubiquitous is the arcades popping up like mushrooms after rain. Here in Yeoksam-dong alone (near Big John’s Place), we have 3 most popular arcades that we saw. We do not know if there are more but these are the ones that we have seen:

1.Dolly Dolly


Dolly Dolly offers a variety of doll catching machines very near Big John’s Place. It is quite quiet at times, so if you like privacy and perform better without an audience, you might want to visit this place. Here are more pictures of this shop:

20161219_17444820161219_17450120161219_17451820161219_17452620161219_174540A spot for you to take selfies and reapply make up.

20161219_174610Huge egg yolk on egg white
20161219_174645Jibang aka Fatty.20161219_17462420161219_174632

2.Funny Land


Funny Land is a bigger arcade offering more sorts of machines to play other than the doll catching machine. The pictures below will tell you more:

20161219_18055220161219_180555This arcade has a lot of pokemon plus toys which interests a lot of people!20161219_180616Basketball games.20161219_180625For this machine, you push the toy off the shelves.20161219_180634A mini firing range.

3.Play One / Game in Us (게임이너스)

20161219_181610This is the biggest arcade that we have been in this area near Gangnam station exit 11 that has the most extensive games and machines. They have the doll catcher machines, coin operated karaoke boxes, arcade games and also a cyber cafe. Pictures below to show you:

20161219_181623It’s in the basement, so you have to take the stairs down.20161219_181645Oh the variety!20161219_181702Remember the Dance Dance Revolution?20161219_18170620161219_18172220161219_18181420161219_181820Many karaoke boxes for you to practice your singing skills!20161219_181829Good ol’ arcade games.20161219_181835

It’s quite fun to release stress or fill in your time with all these fun machines and arcade games when it’s cold outside. Just remember to bring all your small change!


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