[Big John’s Place] Our Partners in the Neighbourhood.


Big John’s Place is very fortunate to have some businesses in our neighbourhood to give you, our valued guests, to get great discounts and prices for their products and services. Check out the details below!

  1. Director’s Coffee


Promotion: 10% off all food and beverages.

Location: On the left side of the street right before turning left into the lane at Big John’s Place.


2. Fit Angel


Promotion: KRW12,000 per day for their gym equipments with personal trainers.

Location: Directly opposite Director’s Coffee.


3. Oikos Hair


Promotion: 20% off on all hair related products and services.

Location: On the right side of the street heading up to Director’s Coffee.


4. Joo Tack



Promotion: 30% off all beverages.

Location: Behind Big John’s Place next to EJ Bakery.


Big John’s Place recommendation: Joo Tack’s signature dish – Special Omelette Rice.

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