[Big John’s Place] For All You Solo Travelers Who Come to Visit!


We usually have many solo travelers who come travel to Seoul and stay with us for a few nights. More often than not when they go out to eat, they will come home defeated because some restaurants here in Gangnam do not accept single patrons. So here is the beginning of the many many restaurants that we will be introducing to you, the solo traveler. Just so you know, we are not paid to introduce these restaurants. We have personally been to these restaurants and ate their food. If it’s not good, we ain’t gona tell you about it. And all these restaurants are mighty near to Big John’s Place!

  1. Ryoma


Ryoma serves yummy and economical Japanese food with either lunch or dinner sets. Our favourite is the sushi set with a small bowl of udon, a potato croquette and a salad with sour dressing. It is situated on the main food street on your left as you walk towards Gangnam station.

    2. Brotherhood Kitchen


Located in a small street behind the main food street, this restaurant offers an all-American menu and the main star is the chicken and waffles. The crunchiness of the two huge pieces of chicken breasts and the fluffiness of the waffles drenched in sweet maple syrup is a match made in food heaven. Every mouthful just leaves you wanting for more. We kid you not!

    3. Bondosirak


Korean style lunch box which you can order from Big John’s Place or to take away. However, there is no eating-in option. The price is affordable and the food is even better! Ranging from Bulgogi dosirak to Ssambap to fried rice in Korean style. We literally order from this place nearly everyday when we get too busy to go out to eat. It is situated a few doors away from CVS at the corner on the street up to Big John’s Place. You’ll see it on your left.

We’ll be posting more blog posts of such nature to help you find great places to eat with good food and good prices!

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