[Big John’s Place Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery] Regen

Interested in getting a whole make up but have nowhere to start ?
Have you ever come across Regen Beauty Medical Group ?


The Regen Beauty Medical Group building is located right on Gangnam Street and with 15 over floors, it is so big, no one will ever miss it. Regen Beauty Medical Group is one the most famous one in Korea with many of its surgeon appearing on tv such as the Let Me In franchise.

Here are some of the transformation :


the late twenties grandma lookalike.






Idol worthy looks !


Nowadays he is working as a barista in the Regen Building. You can chat/ask him about the surgery while waiting !

We at Big John’s Place, sometimes  have guests from Regen, thanks to our proximity. And we have heard a lot of raves about them too. You can read about Bong qiuqiu’s experience at Regen.

Regen have translator from the widely spoken English language to even Vietnamese, Mongolian etc. So do not worry about not getting your information through.

If you have any queries, please feel free to email or skype them at infoglobal@regengroup.co.kr .

Address : 서울특별시 서초구 강남대로 463리젠타워 (우137855)
1303-31 Regen Tower, Seocho-dong, Seochu-gu, Seoul, Korea 137-073

From Big John’s Place Guesthouse : Walking (4 minutes)


Disclaimer : Big John’s Place is in no place affilated or have any kind of collaboration with any plastic/cosmetic surgeons in Korea. We do not take any responsibilities for any failed surgery or such.

Photo credits : All photos are taken from Regen Beauty Medical Group.

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