[Big John’s Place] BBQ Wednesdays During Our Sweet Summer August Promotion!

BBQ Grill

We had our first BBQ Wednesday this August 2016 and it was a blast!


First, there were just a few of us…


And then, more people joined and we even had our neighbours from next door! We chit-chatted, sang, drank, laughed. It was a lovely night.


John, our awesome host!

BBQ Wednesdays in the month of August for guests who book 2 nights or more which coincides on Wednesday nights. Walk-in guests or guests who booked through other channels will have to pay only KRW20,000 for a meal during our BBQ Wednesdays. Guests will be entitled to a one portion BBQ meal which consists of beef, pork, shrimp and vegetables.

We have 4 more Wednesdays to go! Come and join us for the fun!

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