[Big John’s Place] All-Day Breakfast!


If you’ve come to South Korea, you’ll know that the breakfast culture here isn’t strong. Most of the time when you go out in the morning looking for a simple breakfast of pancakes and waffles or bacon and eggs, you might end up being quite disappointed because most Koreans have dinner food for breakfast like kimchi soup with rice, tofu soup with rice or leek pancakes and most of us find it too heavy for breakfast. Or most restaurants are not opened for business that early in the morning to serve you the most important meal of the day.

However, here at Big John’s Place,  we have a variety of food suitable for breakfast that you can eat anytime of the day regardless when you wake up.

20161013_125211We have bread, peanut butter and jam. A toaster for you to toast the bread and a water boiler to boil water for tea or coffee that we have prepared for you.

20161013_125251Our refrigerator is stocked with yogurt, apples, milk, fruit juice, ketchup and mustard among other things. You can also buy your own food like meats or vegetables and store them in our fridge. Just make sure you label the with your name unless you’re sharing it with everyone in the house!

20161013_125350At our island counter, we have different kinds of cereal, eggs, cup noodles, coffee beans from Starbucks, a coffee maker and coffee grinder and a microwave oven. You can also use our stove and sink. We have pots and pans, plates and bowls for you to use. Just clean up after you’ve finished!

With all these, we hope to provide you a comfortable stay with plenty of food for you to not worry and get hungry if you can’t find food outside.

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